“Direct & persuasive, like a pert kid with a black eye” (Vara Radio)

“The music of JOURNEYS END is characterised by its pureness and is therefore fragile, but the strength of emotional expression makes it more powerful than music which is born out of hype and blown away in time”

“JOURNEYS END’s powerful waverock challenges the seeker, and wakes up the ignorant”



photo of Journeys End at the Paradiso, Amsterdam

JOURNEYS END at the PARADISO, Amsterdam!!
16th July 1998 saw the long awaited appearance with support from Bristol band, ‘Siren Blue’. Journeys End played a set of melodic melodies, crashing guitars, powerfull riffs and soaring vocals. Highlights included the opening NEW SONG 4 (YOU) coupled with WANKER, the timeless SKULL and the brilliant NO DRILL.

Below is an English translation of the 16th July Paradiso gig review
featured in the VARA TV/RADIO magazine (1st August 1998):
‘Passion from Journeys End’
I first met the band six years ago on the singers wedding day. The guys were to play an easy tune to feast-up the party. The musical experience of the grooms parents ended at Mantovani’s version of spiritual hymns, but the father of the bride was always in for a joke. He gave the band members a tenner after which they played a powerful version of U2´s ‘I Will Follow’. The groom had no choice. He took of his jacket and sang a set with full passion. I was sold.

Journeys End play the local club in Vlaardingen about once every eighteen months, to a full house. If they’re lucky they play four gigs a year in the area, and every week they can be found, between the tomato crates, in a greenhouse of the drummers uncle, in the Westland. By chance they made a contact in England two years ago and now they have about five gigs a year there. In England they also met Peter Lay, now their manager, who is highly convinced that the music of Journeys End is going to be the next main music stream in England after Britpop.

From England, Peter, through an agent, arranged a gig in a big club in the neighbourhood of Vlaardingen; an English band supporting them. When the club discovered that Journey’s End weren’t coming from Bristol like their agent, but that they lived a stone’s throw away, just behind the Vlaardingen Dike and that they practised in a greenhouse in Berkel, Journeys End were cancelled and the English support act became the headliner.

Last Thursday night the band played the Paradiso. While Amsterdam people dance in the big room downstairs, every month an emerging band can play upstairs. At twelve minutes past one, for Journey’s End from Vlaardingen, the highpoint of their existence began. The audience danced and partied. At five past two a soaking wet sweaty singer asks me, “was it good enough?”. Journeys End played with energy and passion, like there were a number of interested label managers in the room, all with a contract in their pocket. It was good enough. I danced. It was wonderful.
Leo Blokhuis (July 1998).

‘Glastonbury 1999′

Wow!! 220,000 people!! And Journeys End!

Among those who enjoyed the set was comedy actor, Steven Frost, who later, took the time to congratulate the guys on their performance, twice!
Many thanks to, old friend, Dan James of Firebrand for the tour of the festival site.
Special mention goes to Alex (nicknamed, Julia), who shared some time in the chill out space.
And a very special thank you to Ann & Shirley at Tesco’s, Shepton Mallett, Petrol station for their very kind assistance.

Interview with Frans (September 2000)

portrait photo of Frans.jpg

<1>   When did you first hear about Journeys End?
When Journeys End played the Pandemonium in 1996 they asked ‘Johnny the Fox’ (the cover band I’ve played in since 1984) to support them. The place was packed!!!

<2> As the newest member of the band, when and how did you come to join?
Some time after the Pandemonium gig I met Paul in a supermarket. We talked about life and music and I told him I would like to play originals instead of covers.   Steve’s sister then lived around the corner from me, I met him a few times while he was digging her garden, then when Jan decided to leave the band, I found a note in my mailbox, saying,
“Gezocht: ambitieuze bassist voor (grunge) rockband met toekomst”.
I started practising in november 1997, five weeks later I played my first gig with Journeys End in Bristol. (UK)

<3> Why bass guitar?
At the age of 14, I bought my first guitar & amp for 60 guilders!   When my friend nextdoor started to play the guitar as well, I switched to bass guitar so we became a ‘band’ called ‘Fixed Orbit’.   From that moment on I was a bassist, it fits my character!

<4> What guitars, amp & effects etc do you use?
A Musicman Stingray with 3-band eq, a 70′s Fender Precision bass and a handmade fretless bass.   My amp is a 70′s (again!) Kustom 150 watts.   I use a Zoom bass effect pedal but I don’t really like it.

<5> What car do you drive and what would you like to drive?
I own two 1976 Citroën 2CV’s, a spécial and an AZU (van).   I also have a 1986 Yamaha XT600 Ténéré motorcycle and a 1998 Citroën Xsara 1.8i 16V.

I would like to drive a Citroën (again) Traction Avant or DS. (oldtimers!)

<6> When did you last get drunk?
Drunk?………..Don’t remember………………………..

<7> What do you do on Saturday afternoons?
Do some construction in my 1898 home, maintenance on my vehicles, go out for
a ride and/or spend time with friends.

<8> What is the last thing you do before going on stage?

<9> What venue do you really want to play?
Glastonbury mainstage.

<10> What are your top 5 albums & why?
I don’t really have a top 5 of anything, I like a lot of different bands and my taste changes in time. (and with my mood)

<11> What is the best gig you’ve been too and why?
Looking forward to the Radiohead-gig next saturday!

<12> Who was the last person you kissed?
My ex-girlfriend

<13> Who would you like to kiss?
My next girlfriend……….

>>>>>>That’s it <<<<<<<

‘The Canadian Adventure’  


ATTACK RECORDS & FILMWORKS, are proud to announce the signing of leading Netherlands independent band, JOURNEYS END

The band has been in the studio over the past month recording their debut release in Toronto at Phase One Recording Studio’s.   The process was a long one and the band has recorded what we feel is a First Class ‘break-out’ album!  You can see the session and hear about their crazy Canadian Adventure below!

Jay Thomas
VP Director of Operations
Attack Records & Filmworks
Tel:  +1-416-340-9111
Fax:  +1-416-340-1941
Email:  attack@interlog.com

The Adventure:

Saturday 13 May 2K:    The plane was late.   A big thunderstorm in Toronto had delayed the plane 5 hours, so we’d waited at home.


Peter had arrived earlier in the day from the UK, but was rescued from a long wait at Schipol by Martijn.   When our flight finally took off the ride was fine, although the food somehow was not so good.   Anyway, we arrived at Toronto International Airport at 11.15pm.   After a few minor details at Customs, we entered Canada, and met Mark Berry, producer of the new Journeys End album, so far untitled.   We were stuffed inside a Nissan Pathfinder and were driven to the Scarborough Inn.   The place is not really something to write about, so we’ll leave that out.   However, we had a good night’s rest.

Sunday 14 May 2K: Today we have done something close to nothing.   Martijn has watched Star Trek all day, Steven, Paul, Frans and Peter have discovered the Wal-Mart and had coffee and breakfast there.  It was good day for settling in and getting used to the time difference.   We had a beer at the corner.

Monday 15 May 2K: This has been a strange day.   Around 11am Mark picked us up at the Scarborough Inn and drove us to Phase One Studios.   Here we met up with Jay thomas (JT heads up the day to day operations at Attack), and assistant engineers, Dave and Jason.   JT told us about his soccer career.


Around 1pm the gear arrived at the studio and setting up started.   Martijn set up the drumkit.   He has brought his own snare drum and cymbals.   The drumkit is a Yamaha Sessions DrumKit.   The drumkit is now surrounded by micropohones, set up to record every detail.   After the drumkit has been set up, the bass amplifier and guitar amplifiers were set up.   Frans is using his own bass guitars (Musicman Stingray & Fender). The amplifier he is using is an Ampeg 300.   Steven is using two amplifiers, a Mesa 5150 and a Fender Twin Reverb and plays his own guitars (Fender strat & Ibanez Artist).    Paul is playing on a Marshall JCM 800 and a Fender TwinCab, and his own guitars (Fender).



After set up, the soundcheck started.   This took 3 hours, especially as the bassdrum and toms played up.   Around 7pm we were all ready to record a few songs.   We recorded all the potential songs on DAT, just to have them for reference and producer’s interest.   Recording is an energy-consuming process, which led to us ending the session at about 11pm.

Tuesday 16 May 2000:
We are now set to begin recording for real.   Details on the recorded songs will eventually be announced, but not yet!   Paul and Steven record some ideas for a song on DAT, to keep for later.   Frans and Martijn are waiting for the producer and technician to arrive.   Peter is watching the recording from the control room.


Our engineer is Dave Tedesco, assisted by Jason Sanger with Mark producing.

It’s Drum & Bass time.   The coming four days will be dedicated to recording the Drum and Bass tracks.

Friday 19th May 2K:
Left the studio at 1.00am this morning with Marijn having completed all the drum tracks!!   Good job!


Today has been spent with Frans laying down some exellent bass tracks, eating mexican food & bagels, and drinking lots of coffee.   The bass stuff should be finished tomorrow,

Sunday off and then onto the guitar & vocal tracks from Monday.

No gossip I’m afraid, its been all studio & sleep so far!!

Saturday 20th May 2K: Today Peter was up early, as usual.   He walked to the studio to watch ‘his’ Chelsea play on tv. However, he couldn’t find it on the 78 channels, so he looked it up on the internet later and found out they had won 1-0, FA cup winners again!   Frans went to the Wallmart to have breakfast and do some shopping, then he walked to the studio to finish off his basstracks, (Paul, Steve and Martijn were still asleep when he left the motel).   Five more songs to go and the new Journey’s End album has got the basic ryth’ms!   Standing next to Dave and Jason at the desk, he played the songs, and when the lazy bunch came walking in, there were only three songs to go.   At 23.00h all finished, everybody was tired but satisfied and went home with Sunday off.

Sunday 21st May 2K:   In the morning, Peter woke up the band, as usual, with orange juice, coffee and bagels!   Then off they were, to do the tourist bit, taking the subway to downtown Toronto, getting off at Kings.

Wow!   Like most big cities in the world, Toronto has got a lot to offer!   Walking down one of the avenues they were waved into the entrance of CFNY 102.1 (the Edge) radio station by the DJ, Visnja who was broadcasting live from the foyer!   When she found out the guys were a band from Europe, recording their debut album in Phase One Studio’s in Scarborough, she offered to put the band on the guestlist for a party that night in the Whiskey Saigon, a popular club on Richmond Street, offering three stories of entertainment!

After having a coffee and some real serious food at the Torontonian Hardrock-cafe, the band dragged their manager, who is afraid of heights, up the world’s tallest construction, the CN-tower.

In the end, he was OK, enjoyed the fantastic view, although he wouldn’t walk on the glass floor.

While they were up there, enjoying a beer, they witnessed an accident way below them on the freeway, resulting in a car being upside down, with lots of police cars, fire engines, ambulance etc.

Later, arriving at the Whiskey Saigon, the band passed the queue at the door and walked right in upon mentioning the name Journey’s End.   They played a game of pool, had a few beers and checked out the floors upstairs, to find two eighties disco-parties with lots of lasers going on.   Because Steve has got to be fresh in the morning to begin his guitar tracks, and the band had a train to catch, they left around midnight.


Thursday 25 May 2K:  The last few days, Steven has been working on the guitar-sounds.   This is very difficult and time-consuming thing, so the last days the rest of the band is laid-back and they’re listening to the sounds of the guitars.   Today is different.   Paul has been putting the vocals to the songs and Martijn has put some backing-vocals on track too.   Furthermore, some songs are being finished in terms of percussion and guitar-solos.

Friday 26 May 2K: After a couple of hours, the recording-crew was ready to start another vocal-session with Paul. This time different songs were done and again the whole band is giving input into the overall sound of the songs.  Peter has had discussions with Jay Thomas about the marketing-plan for the new album and the way in which Attack likes to proceed with the masters of the songs.   Paul and Peter had a swim in the swimming pool, which is in the same building and is free of use for people who work in the building.   There is also a sauna and a gym.

Saturday 27 May 2K: Paul and Steven are working on a song in Studio B.   The song has a lot of different guitar-tracks, played by both Paul and Steven, so they are working together on this “project”.   The song is almost finished.   Martijn and Frans have rented a car (Ford Explorer) for Sunday.


Sunday 28 May 2K:  Today is the second day off.   The band has set their mind on going to Niagara Falls.   12.30 AM they left for Niagara Falls by taking the Queen Elisabeth Way towards Hamilton.   This road leads all the way to the border with the USA at Fort Erie.   About 25 kilometres before Fort Erie, the car has turned east to Niagara Falls.   At the first sight of the Falls, Paul jumped out of the car, while the rest were trying to find a parking spot.   This was found after a 3 mile drive to the edge of town where the ‘People Mover’ took’ em back to the Falls.


The Falls are pretty impressive, but the biggest surprise was the town of Niagara Falls.   It is the most touristic town in Canada.   It looks like a fun-park!   There’s a casino, very many shops with souvenir T-shirts and more shit like that.   Anyway, the band had a meal in the restaurant and then strolled on in wonder of this strange city.

After the visit to Niagara Falls, Paul thought it would be fun to visit the States.   The bridge in Niagara Falls separates Canada from the USA, so by crossing the bridge, the band arrived in the state of New York.   Because they hadn’t yet been into the States, they had to leave the car and their passports behind, which were sent to the Immigration and Naturalization-office.   At the office every band-member had to fill in a form in which they declared not to have been part of the Nazi-regime between ’33 and ’45 and not to carry any drugs or guns into the country.   After this (and $6) they entered the States.   Back to the car. Paul wanted to have has picture taken under a sign saying, “Welcome to New York”, but as he got out of the car and walked over to sign, a US-customs officer shouted at him.   Paul got back into the car, but the officer came to the car anyway.    He thought a picture of him was being taken and that’s probably not allowed.


The ride took the band to Buffalo, NY, a town completely empty, except for a religious parade.   After driving through Buffalo for half an hour, the band wound up in a bar having beer.   At 10 PM the drive back started, which took us through Niagara Falls again.   The Falls are illuminated at night, so that was a pretty sight.   After this, there was only the QEW to take us home to the Scarborough Inn Motel.

Monday 29 May 2K: Peter, Paul and Frans got up early and left on foot to the studio.   Steven and Martijn returned the car to Avis and went to the bank.   After this they took the bus to the studio.   Upon arrival, Paul was already singing the first verses to a song.   At this point, Steven, Paul and Frans are in the studio working on the recordings of guitar-tracks.   This week will see the end of the recording and the start of mixing the record.

Tuesday 30 May 2K: With most of the tracks now having guitar-tracks on them, we are entering the phase in which we are listening to the songs and deciding on what kind of “extra’s” should go on the album.   Things that come to mind are backing vocals, harmonies, percussion, extra guitar tracks with experimental sounds.   Let’s call it the fine-tuning of the album.   With David Tedesco being off for a couple of days, David Keen has reappeared as sound engineer.   Together with Steven he has worked in Studio A on the ‘feedback’-guitar tracks.   Martijn and Frans have been supervising the recording of this part.


As another ‘somewhat famous’ band is about to start recording in Studio A, we can only use this studio for one day.  On the other hand, a grand piano has been set up in Studio A and Martijn takes the opportunity to record some piano-tracks for two songs.
The sound of a real piano can’t be beat.   Meanwhile Paul has been singing quite a few tracks with Mark behind the console. In the evening, the band gathered for a session of working out different ideas in regard to the songs currently under construction.   The sound is great, the feeling of recording a great album is there!

Wednesday 31 May 2K: Today Peter went home.   Private matters in England made him decide that he needed to catch a plane earlier than hoped for.   The band now have to take care of themselves!   Recording wise, solo-guitar racks and lead vocals have been taking up much of the day’s time.   David Tedesco is back to record.

Thursday 1 June 2K: Again, today has seen most of the time going into recording lead vocals and guitar tracks.   But the end is near.   The schedule has been brought back to one sheet of remarks.   There is however a Dutch saying: “The last bits are the hardest”.   Martijn has taken the opportunity to visit a cinema and watch: “Mission Impossible 2″.   Frans has taken care of the food, while Steven and Paul are recording.

Friday 2 June 2K: Today was OK!   A lot of songs are now becoming more and more finished and we are wondering about the mixes.   It will take enough time to finish the actual record so we are working hard to that final goal.   Today has been about backing vocals and percussion.   We’ve worked untill 4 in the morning.

Saturday 3 June 2K: Not so early out of bed I’m afraid.   The days are getting longer and longer.   Starting time is 12 noon, we finish in the middle of the night.   And still we are working on the final thoughts of this record.   Basically we are recording all kinds of stuff: vocals, backing vocals, guitar solos, percussion, synthesizers etc.   All of this will be on the record – or not.   That will be decided on by producer, engineer and band.

It’s 4 in the morning: we’re done!   It’s all on tape now.   All we have to do is mixing.   Tomorrow will be a lazy day.   Staying in and around the motel.   Playing football, watching TV, talking and drinking coffee.

Tuesday 6 June 2K: The first days of  mixing have resulted in a enormous sound.   The quality of the band is now showing.   To some songs you can’t stop dancing.   It’s hot!!   It’s coming together.

Yesterday Karin and her husband Bob dropped by, Karin is Steven and Martijn’s Canadian cousin from Missasauga.   Impressed with the music and the studio, they and the band went for coffee, while Dave Tedesco worked on another mix.

Tomorrow we’ll be flying for Schiphol, Amsterdam and we’ll leave the place that we’ve spent three and a half weeks in behind.

Thursday 8 June 2K: We’re back in Holland. A couple of strange things happened on the way.   We almost missed the plane because some band members were too occupied with the staff of a tax-free shop.   Karin showed up to wish us all a safe flight home and gave us some Canadian presents.   Martijn struggled for a place next to the window, but eventually wound up with two seats next to each other so Frans joined him.
Paul and Steven had some physical interaction during the landing in Montreal.

Back at Schiphol after a calm flight, the real world  came around the corner again and we all were welcomed by friend, parents and a load of girls.   Too bad the girls weren’t there for Journeys End.   Oh well…

Thanks for reading.   Get ready for Journeys End!   We’ll be out there!!!

Interview with Peter (January 2000)


How did you meet Journeys End?
About 5 years ago I was promoting in Gloucester (UK).   It was a Wednesday and the headline band for a gig at the Guildhall on Saturday had just cancelled (singer had broken his leg or something).   About 10mins later this Dutch guy rings me to say, he was with this band who’d been let down for a gig on Saturday and he’d been given my number!   I said, this is your lucky day!!   They played and were brilliant.   I put them on a couple more times after that, then about 3 years ago, they asked me to manage them?   I said yes!
What is your favourite Journeys End song?
I have two at the moment!
Breathe: You won’t have heard it unless you’ve seen them live, it hasn’t been released yet.   It was written last year and is about Helen, my wife.
Shame:   From the ‘YOU’ CD, it rocks!
Have you ever been in a band?
Yeh,  A folk band when I was a teenager, we were called ‘The Free Folk People’ (where did we get that name from?).   There was me, playing crap guitar, two other good guitarists, Trevor Gibson & Dave Hole & a really good singer, Hazel Holder.   We had a fan club etc, but it didn’t last.   In the mid eighties I played in a rockerbilly cover band in London called ‘Cousin Billy’.
What car do you drive and what would you like to drive?
I drive a Renault Laguna, which I really like, but my ideal car would be an Alfa Romeo 156.
When did you last get drunk?
New years eve!   Well its not every year you see in a new millenium!   Also I remember Steve & Paul rang me from Paris and I was really jealous & swore a lot!!!!
What do you do first thing in the morning?
Loads of coffee!!!
What are your top 5 Albums?
Smashing Pumpkins:  ‘Siamese Dream’  ~  Paul turned me on to this, it has an edge!
Nils Lofgren:   ‘Acoustic Live’  ~  I have most of his stuff, this is the one I play at the moment though.
Billy Bragg:   ‘Back to Basics’  ~  Cutting edge of folk/rock,  I met him once, when he visited a club I used to run, in my previous existence!
Cyndi Lauper:   ‘Twelve Deadly Cyns’  ~  I love this woman!  She has a great voice, very distinctive & has had some great changes of image over the years.   This is actually a greatest hits video, but I play it a lot.
Journeys End:  The album to be, that will be sensational!

MUSICON, DEN HAAG, 17th December 1999

Those there, enjoyed a set of powerful emotion,
gentle melodies mixed with thunderous riffs!   Wonderful!

The Crown & Sceptre, Ross-on-Wye, 2nd December 1999

Journeys End Drawing by Sam Dixon

Journeys End Drawing by Sam Dixon

Thanks to every one at the CROWN & SCEPTRE, Ross-on-Wye for making us so welcome on the 2nd December.   We are looking forward to coming back in April, 2000.

The Red Eye, Kings Cross, 4th December 1999

Lizzie ‘can I have a t-shirt’ Leeds

Lizzie ‘can I have a t-shirt’ Leeds

Two days later,  JOURNEYS END rolled into London to play an emphatic set @ The Red Eye, Kings Cross.

The AXIOM, Cheltenham (UK), 30th November 1999

I’m buzzing!   I’m high!   I’m in a cold sweat!   I’ve just stepped off a rollercoaster and its called JOURNEYS END!   Their best ever night but they don’t even know it!

Somewhere around 9pm, Paul, Steve, Frans and Martijn, with their manager, Peter and sound engineer, Paul, are pacing around the centre of Cheltenham like wild animals, in search of food.   They arrived this morning from Holland, but not for the first time, they’ve already played the Glastonbury festival this year, gaining national publicity in Holland in the process.

Now I’ve been savaged by their emotional onslaught at the Axiom Centre!   Support band ‘LAST TAXI’ played a professional set to a partisan crowd, some of whom stayed on and were mesmerised!   Here comes JOURNEYS END!

First song ‘YOU’ was a little muted due to minor technical problems but still electrifying nonetheless.   Second song in was almost terrifying in its emotional intensity.   Third song in and I’m really scared!   Steve’s guitar work has such verve and sensitivity!   Now bassist Frans and singer Paul rock back and forward as Steve powers up a notch and the air crackles with intensity from the leviathan roar of Martijn’s drums!   ‘BREATHE OUT’, I wish I could but I’m already numb with shock!   I thought I knew this band but they’ve been reborn tonight.   A hard beginning, then ‘THE BEATLES’ and ‘FLY LIKE AN ANGEL’, I’m carried away by the voice of Paul Kalis.   He connects!   He sings in perfect english!   He does look uncannily like Bono from U2!   He tears out my heart again!   I want to smile and cry at the same time.

The sky bleeds, the walls are running red, the sea is mercury lapping at the harbour walls of Rotterdam.   Now I’m angry as the music builds with the thunder of Frans’ faultless bass, but still I’m carried away by the emotional undertow.   Paul isn’t just good, he’s great, like a statesman or a saint!   Already they’re into ‘GNOME’ followed by a clever segue into ‘THIS IS NOT A DRILL’ (reminds me of Hawkwind)

This is not a drill!   This is not a drill!   Too right it isn’t, this band isn’t practising or going through the motions, JOURNEYS END are the best there is!   I wonder how many people are going to say, “oh yeah, I saw JOURNEYS END in Cheltenham back in November ’99….”.   Just like all the people who didn’t see U2 in Cheltenham!   You should ha’ been there!

Dan James

Interview with Paul (April 1999)


What was the best gig you went to? And why?
 * Smashing pumpkins at Pinkpop festival …… full of energy and ignorance
* U2 the joshua tree tour…… This was one of my firsts concerts.  I can remember it so well because it started with the ticket sales in advance.  I went there with a group of friends and for a young man of my age it was absolutely bizarre, we started to queue up the evening before, at about midnight all hell started, people fighting with police, police dogs, many places on fire…… The ticket sales in Rotterdam went completely out of hand and ended with riots……..  The next morning I woke up in a sleeping bag (???) together with a girl.  I had no clue who she was, how we got in there and what we had done…… however….

What are your top 5 favourite albums? And why?
smashing pumpkins:  siamese dream
smashing pumpkins:  mellon collie and the inf. sadness
U2:  the unforgettable fire
nirvana:  never mind
(because your family in law would be embarassed)
pearl jam:  ten

What do you drive? And what would you like to drive?
Hmm…… a volvo S40 ………..  a BMW

When was the last time you got drunk?
Last Saturday

What is the last thing you do before going onstage?
get the creeps

Who was the last person you kissed?
my mother

Who would you like to kiss?
…. and Emma

What is your favourite venue you have played at?
several…. Paradiso Amsterdam, Bottom Line London, Guildhall Gloucester

What venue do you really want to play at?
Main stage Glastonbury

What do you do on Saturday afternoons?

Saturday 10th April 1999


Absolutely stormin’ gig, the venue was stuffed and the guys were at their absolute best!!
Particularly memorable were the brilliant opening with ‘YOU’, later ‘FREAK OUT’, ‘FEAR’ and ‘SKULL’ and the sensational ‘NO DRILL’ climax.
The crowd loved it!!!

Wednesday 17th March 1999


Excellent gig to launch the new CD, ‘YOU’
If you missed it >>>> you lost!!!……………..
……..and missed the sensational debut of two new songs,  ‘FREAK OUT’ and ‘FEAR’
If you were there you know what I mean!!!

Interview with MARTIJN  (November 1998)


When was the last time you got drunk?
“Last Saturday I went out with the girlfriend of a friend.  We went to the pub, then came back to my place, drank a few drinks and then she went to his place (he was out).  15 minutes later my doorbell rang and she was back at my place and asked if she could stay the night.  What happened?  When she arrived at his place there was a tramp, sleeping in front of his door.  She didn’t dare to go in, so she stayed at my place.”

Who were the last good band you saw?
“The best band I ever saw was Sjako!, a Dutch band, but recently they have been declining in my esteem.  Last time I went to a concert I saw FourFun, a Dutch boys band from the famous soap series “Good Times, Bad Times”.  They are sort Kylie Minogues and Jason Donovan who got famous singing because of their role in “Neighbours”.  By-the-way, I was there because of work.”

What car do you drive and what would you like to drive?
“I drive a Ford Fiesta 1.1, 1983 model.  It’s not a real good one, but it still manages to run 1 in 15 kilometers (about 1;10miles).  Too bad the tank can only hold up to 25 liters.  I would like to have a Jeep or Dodge, so I can relax and still take all my gear with me.”

What are your top 5 albums:
“This of course changes all the time, but at this point these are the 5 best albums ever (not in preference-order):
1.    Beatles – Abbey Road
Beatles were good, I like this abum best, but Sgt. Pepper and White Album come in close. I especially like the Paul McCartney songs on this one, and the best song I think they wrote: “I want you”
2.    Sjako! – Livewire
Sjako!’s best: 14 powerful songs, rock/blues/jazz, and a 3.32 drum solo/song.
3. Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie & the Infinte Sadness
Smashing Pumpkins – I feel they are, at this moment, our biggest influence.  Anyway, they are mine!
4. Acda & De Munnik – Naar huis (Dutch band)
Acda& De Munnik are a duo with very original Dutch songs, great lyrics.  As I am now following a course in stand-up comedy (sort of), they are a big influence for me !!
5. REM – Automatic for the people
REM – their best album although I bought their newest, which is actually not bad.  But I still have very good memories with this album, as I listened a lot to it when I was in th USA 2 years ago (for 3 months).”

What is the last thing you do before you go onstage?
“I go shopping or talk to people outside.  It has happened that in total panic the other guys wanted to go onstage and had to find me in town…(hasn’t happened in a long time tho)!”


Fresh from their gig at the PARADISO, JOURNEYS END swept
into Gloucester (UK) the next night, 17th July 1998 to begin their
UK Summer Tour.  JOURNEY’S END, reminiscent of both U2 & BUSH,
presented their own style of, not to be missed, indie-rock which is currently
stirring record companies on both sides of the Atlantic, to the enthusiastic crowd.
Main support came from Bristol band, ‘DAYSHINE’, who fresh from their own
tour of Holland, brought melodic grooves cut in the style of the Beatles.
The line-up was completed by ‘THE CHAOS ENGINE’, The finest industrial
hardcore outfit in the Universe!

MOLES CLUB ~ BATH, 20th July 1998

Frans &amp; Paul of JOURNEYS END (with friends), waiting to sound check

Frans & Paul of JOURNEYS END (with friends), waiting to sound check

On the 20th July 1998 we found ourselves in Bath playing Moles with two other bands, Baths’ CARBON & NEW DANDY SUGAR from Gloucester.  It was a great night, surprisingly busy for a Monday night.  JE occupied the middle slot and played a stunning and powerful 35 minute set.  We all had a great time!!

JOURNEYS END ~ The BULL & GATE, London ~ July 1998


JOURNEYS END played the only London date of their Summer Tour
at this famous venue on 23rd July 1998.  Full line up included Norway’s,
‘PEACHFUZZ’ and two London bands, ‘OCEANA’ and ‘DELILAH’
JOURNEY’S END worked hard and partly succeeded in enlivening a
typically fical London crowd, which included at least two A&R people.

JOURNEYS END ~ The HOBBIT, Southampton ~ July 1998


JOURNEYS END rounded off their tour, on Friday 24th July 1998, at this lively venue in Portswood, Southampton.
A poor PA left Paul (engineer) struggling to get the JE sound and Paul (Kalis) having to really push his vocals to be heard.
Never the less the guys played a full set which was well received.

E-mail to JOURNEYS END re: PINKPOP (2 June 1998)

Missed you guy’s at Pinkpop last Monday.
Saw K’s Choise at the Paradiso in April and they were on the
main stage at Pinkpop, how about Journeys End next year????
(if Anouk and Van Dik Hout are supposed to be good enough,
then how come JE was not on stage there??)
I would love to come to Paradiso, but I’m afraid I can’t make it..
See you at another gig (asap please) somewhere in Holland
(Thanks SWW we’ll keep you informed)



by Paul Kalis (Journeys End)