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By Josephine Lay

Josephine Lay is a writer, novelist and poet. Josephine writes poetry for the page and for performance. This collection highlights her passion for both the written and the spoken word.

Unravelling is a collection of poems written within one year. Josephine Lay writes about the unravelling nature of things in her life; divorce, bereavement, health issues (after hitting her head and getting concussion, twice) and a few poems touching on the political situation in this country during 2018. Her poems speak of the human condition; of life, love, loss and even death. Here is sadness and descent but also the struggle towards the light and the survival of the human spirit.

‘Unravelling by Josephine Lay is a worthy addition to any one’s poetry collection.  Her arrival on the performance poetry scene has been most welcome, and her words work equally well on the page.  Highly recommended.’

  ~ Clive Oseman

 ‘The first time I heard Josephine Lay’s poetry it made me cry.  Rich in feeling, yet easy to relate to.  Lay’s work is pleasure to hear and read’

  ~ Charley Barnes

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Inside Reality - Poetry


By Josephine Lay

Inside Reality A selection of poems 2000-2016, first Published in 2017.  They are a miscellany, each written with feeling at a specific moment of Josephine’s life. They are not, however, placed here in chronological order but in an arrangement that suits the spirit of their significance.

This 2nd edition published in 2018 contains an additional four new poems written in 2018

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Josephine Lay – Biography

Image courtesy of Steve Lambley

Image courtesy of Steve Lambley

Playing with words and living with fantasy are my favourite pastimes.

I have always lived with fantasy as I’ve read fiction throughout my life but around twenty years ago, I started writing; I began playing with words and I was hooked.  For me, writing is an escape from mundane reality, a refuge from emotional turmoil and, at times, even a therapy.   Writing is one of the few ways in which we can become immortal.  Your voice and mind are captured in these inky symbols we call words.  How wonderful is that?

I began writing novels and short stories but more recently I’ve focused on writing poetry.  This latter passion began after two separate accidents in 2018, which left me with two concussions and two periods of post-concussion syndrome, one in February and another in July.  In many ways this was a serious set-back but it was also a seismic alteration in my creativity.  I had managed to finish my second novel in May 2018 but after the July trauma, I found myself unable to concentrate for long periods and found that poetry had become the best outlet of self-expression. 

I joined the Gloucestershire Poetry Society and began performing some of my poems.  I listened to performance poets, revelling in their expertise and the freedom of their medium.  I began to write in a performance led style and found that standing behind a microphone was liberating - a heady excitement, which has driven me on to perform at open mic nights in Gloucester, Swindon, Stroud and even Stoke on Trent.  I now co-host ‘Squawkers’, a poetry and open-mic night, in Cheltenham, at The Sober Parrot.

My first published adult novel is entitled ‘The Over 50’s Escort Agency, I also have a slim book of poems called ‘Inside Reality’ and a selection of short stories entitled, ‘Saffron Tones’.  At present I’m editing my second adult novel ‘Refuge’ as well as compiling another poetry book.

The first piece of creative writing I ever did, was a ‘still life’, a description of the room in which I was sitting, on a winter’s day, with the light slowly dying in the garden outside… very atmospheric.  I had no idea then, that within a few years, this was to become an abiding pursuit. 

When I first moved to Gloucestershire in the ‘90’s I joined a Creative Writing class run through Stroud College.  A few years later I sent a portfolio of writing to Bath Spa University and was accepted on a BA Hons Degree in English and Creative Studies.  So, at the age of 53 I found myself at University, surrounded by young people, studying a subject I loved and feeling so privileged.

For the last four years or so I have been running Creative Writing classes myself and find that helping others to play with words is a stimulating activity.  I am especially interested in writers who have some challenges to overcome when it comes to writing.  They may be dyslexic or find grammar hard to follow but these disadvantages can be overcome and what is truly important is their imagination. 

A few years ago, I joined an Art Class and found to my surprise that I could learn to draw despite finding perspective a challenge.  You will find examples of my artwork elsewhere on this website. And even more recently I have become interested in philosophy, having joined a philosophical discussion group.  I am tempted to write a book on my personal philosophy and have begun writing a few short essays on different philosophical themes.

Lastly, I would like to share the fact that I write a journal.  I have done so for several years (since 2004) and I would urge people to try this.  Not only does it record personal and family details but it often chronicles current affairs and their impact on you.

Josephine Lay

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