Saffron Tones - (ISBN: 9781999958381)

Black Eyes Publishing UK are pleased to announce the publication of a new revised and re-edited paperback edition of Josephine Lay’s book of short stories, ‘Saffron Tones’

Available from Amazon now and to order from your usual bookstore…


Unravelling - (ISBN: 9781999958374)

Josephine Lay’s new poetry book written during a year of personal and political unravelling… Her poems speak of the human condition; of life, love, loss and even death. Here is sadness and descent but also the struggle towards the light and the survival of the human spirit. - Available now from Amazon, or by order from your usual bookshop


Still Tilting at Windmills - (ISBN: 9781999958350)

Where is my horse?


I am a knight

But my armour is rusty

And my trusty steed

And my knight's shoes, I need...

Are missing


So, as I begin my quest

To rescue a princess

I’m sat on a rock

Where I’m taking stock


I am in a line

From Don Quixote

Still tilting at windmills

In dreams...


A collection of poems, written in 2017/2018... . . . . Available now from Amazon and by order from your usual book store

Inside Reality

We are pleased to announce the publication of the 2nd edition of Josephine Lay's poetry book, Inside Reality.   Initially published in 2016, this 2nd edition sees a new arrangement and 4 new poems from 2018.  Available from Amazon etc.


Poetry is cool

Yellow Over The Mountain

Want something unusual to read?

A journey through life, art & philosophy in a metaphorical style...

Available in both paperback & kindle from Amazon etc...

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Dare you climb the Mountain