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Everything Rhymes with Orange

Book Launch Thursday 5th September, The Fountain Inn, Gloucester.

Book Launch Thursday 5th September, The Fountain Inn, Gloucester.


By Derek Dohren

It has never been my intention to tell anyone how they should or shouldn’t interpret my work. That is the sole preserve of you, the reader. It is a philosophy I take with me from my efforts as a painter.  The reward is that I’m often pleasantly surprised to hear what catches the attention of those who stop to look or listen. It’s humbling to receive that insight and wisdom.  Occasionally I’m shocked to have missed something profound in my work that is subsequently made obvious to me and of course, from time to time it’s uncomfortable to receive a scathing critique!

 No matter, whichever way the feedback falls it seems to me that handing out prior clues and guidelines to how a piece of creative work should be understood restricts the possibilities of what a viewer, a reader or a listener may otherwise experience. Nobody needs to be told what to think, or what to feel. In that spirit I cordially invite you to browse the poems in this book as you see fit, and to make of them what you will. Whatever thoughts and emotions they foster, will be properly your own.

 Derek Dohren, June 2019.

Dohren is a writer & performer who lets his personality come through his work. His… voice charms audiences with poignant/comedic moments… come across his work and you will be left wearing a thoughtful smile…

Chris Richard Beale, Tonic, Bristol.

Derek Dohren is one of my favourite poets. Original, clever and witty, his poems can be heard/read again and again without ever losing their appeal.

Clive Oseman, Oooh Beehive, Swindon.

Dohren’s work brings together astute observations with beautiful turns of phrase. His style… brings a fresh perspective to contemporary living.

Charley Barnes, City of Worcester Poet Laureate.

 Derek Dohren’s poetry takes you on a whimsical journey… Just when you think you know where you’re going, he flips the script and leaves you… gobsmacked, laughing or crying…

Stephen Grimes, co-founder of Food For Thoughts, Gloucester.

 Dohren has an artistic flair that I’ve always admired. His words are crafted with such passion, resilience and thought…

Robin Hood-Shaw, Aspiregers, Cheltenham.

 Derek Dohren is an exceptional wordsmith, creating his own universes from drily humorous and poignant observations.

Gary D. Poetry, Piranha Poetry, Stroud.

 Derek Dohren, a shark basking in a sea of words, swallowing the tastiest…

…Derek is the man that possibly isn’t Derek, but probably is.

Sandra and David Ireland, Words and Music, Stroud.

Dohren invites us on a route that twists and turns… but charlatans, socialites, prigs and snobs had better get off the road… His voice is as distinctive on the page as it is at the mic. Entertaining to the last.

Sharon Larkin, Cheltenham Poetry Society

Front Book Cover by Pelágia Pais, Intuitive Guide and Artist.

Book Cover Template by Jason Conway of Cre8urbrand


Image courtesy of Poetry Cafe Refreshed

Image courtesy of Poetry Cafe Refreshed

Derek Dohren has been performing his poetry on the South-West spoken word circuit for two years. He draws inspiration from the mundane, delights in the ridiculous, and positively revels in the surreal to produce striking vignettes of what normal people may refer to as ‘modern life’, often using the cover of humour to provide sobering insights. His day job as a bus driver does nothing but feed into the madness.

His first poetry collection, ‘Everything Rhymes with Orange’ has recently been published by Black Eyes Publishing UK to much acclaim and is available via amazon and by order from your local bookshop.