Josephine and I will be attending the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival on Saturday 21st April 2018...
Josephine will be doing a reading from some of her contemporary fiction, and I will be part of a group talking about 'Writing your passion'...


Yellow Over The Mountain

A cross-cultural masterpiece of Philosophy, love, art and life.

Yellow Over The Mountain is a brand new novel by Peter Lay and Zaiming Wang, based on messages sent between each other, which transforms into a philosophical journey of life, love and art.

We all have many facets to our personality as people and this wonderful book transports you into a mythical world where parts of the ‘self’ become animals, people and plants and share a unique relationship with each other.


Double Book launch at Suffolk Anthology

This poster was used to advertise a double book launch for authors Celia Boyd and her book Cat o' Nine Tales and Josephine Lay for her book Saffron Tales.

The launch was held in November 2017 at Suffolk Anthology Bookshop in Cheltenham.

Copies of both books can be purchased on Amazon as paperbacks. To find these head over to Amazon and search for the authors there and you will see the copies for sale.

Poster of a book launch for two authors, Celia Boyd and Josephine Lay for their books titles Cat o' Nine Tales and Saffron Tales.