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By Z D Dicks

A startling and knife-sharp collection of poems by a poet who challenges our preconceptions of ‘page’ poetry. Fusing an adept handling of form with experimental inventiveness, a complex, rich vocabulary and potent, sometimes unsettling subject matter, this is a Red Bull of a read, stimulating and provocative.
— Anna Saunders
Evocative, atmospheric, breathing new life into the everyday, the things we know and see without seeing any more - Ziggy shows them to us afresh in flutters of words and images that build into intriguing tapestries of objects seen in new ways, of things felt keenly and of the business of living.
— Nicola Harrison
Ziggy’s poetry will always come in from left field and surprise you, yet with the calm controlled competence of the craftsman.
— Guy Mortenson
Ziggy is an inspirational figure in the Gloucester poetry scene and his unique style of wordplay is well worth the read. Uncompromising, sometimes controversial, but always entertaining, this collection is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection.
— Clive Oseman
The poems in this book are varied and ranging in their content, but tied together by the quality and intricacy of the writing. You will need to read this collection more than once, and you will enjoy it each time.
— Case Bailey
We are undeniably in deep waters here. The reader requires to take a deep breath before plunging in and then swimming steadily from start to finish of this collection.
— Peter Wyton

Book Cover Design by Jason Conway of Cre8urbrand

Cover Picture - David Seed, Fine Artist


Image courtesy of Poetry Cafe Refreshed

Image courtesy of Poetry Cafe Refreshed

Z D Dicks is the Founder/CEO of the Gloucestershire Poetry Society and Gloucester Poetry Festival.

He holds an Ma in Creative and Critical Writing. His work is concerned with the everyday and of the very serious business of living.

The poetry he writes has been described as Heaney-esque and is layered with rich imagery.