By Josephine Lay

Josephine Lay is a writer, novelist and poet. Josephine writes poetry for the page and for performance. This collection highlights her passion for both the written and the spoken word.

Unravelling is a collection of poems written within one year. Josephine Lay writes about the unravelling nature of things in her life; divorce, bereavement, health issues (after hitting her head and getting concussion, twice) and a few poems touching on the political situation in this country during 2018. Her poems speak of the human condition; of life, love, loss and even death. Here is sadness and descent but also the struggle towards the light and the survival of the human spirit.

‘Unravelling by Josephine Lay is a worthy addition to any one’s poetry collection.  Her arrival on the performance poetry scene has been most welcome, and her words work equally well on the page.  Highly recommended.’

  ~ Clive Oseman

 ‘The first time I heard Josephine Lay’s poetry it made me cry.  Rich in feeling, yet easy to relate to.  Lay’s work is pleasure to hear and read’

  ~ Charley Barnes

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Still Tilting at Windmills


By Peter Lay

A collection of poems, written in 2017/2018... . . . .

The Japanese poems are truly beautiful pieces, powerful, moving, and wonderfully written. I'm sat here drinking coffee and I'm lost for words....

~ Scott Cowley aka Rusty Goàt... . . . . .

Peter Lay’s words ‘…are spinning through my mind’. Sometimes beautiful… Sometimes weird… Always kind. An altered perspective… A modern-day Don Quixote...

~ Silas Marne... . . . . .

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Another Friday


By Peter Lay & Zaiming Wang

‘Another Friday’ should not be seen as a sequel to ‘Yellow Over The Mountain’, more of a poetry supplement. Most of the poems were written collaboratively via exchange of email and text messages between the authors.

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By Z D Dicks

“A startling and knife-sharp collection of poems by a poet who challenges our preconceptions of ‘page’ poetry. Fusing an adept handling of form with experimental inventiveness, a complex, rich vocabulary and potent, sometimes unsettling subject matter, this is a Red Bull of a read, stimulating and provocative. ”

— Anna Saunders

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