Saffron Tones


By Josephine Lay

Josephine Lay’s short stories focus on the human condition. This collection is all about people, their relationships and how they cope with loneliness and loss. Some of her stories are light and amusing, some darker and sadder, and some are frankly strange. They were written over a period of ten years, yet all have a thread that strings them together; a slim strand of colour… The many tones of Saffron.

The Short Story has, in the past, been less fashionable than the Novel, but it is gaining popularity in this frenetic, modern world, where people have less and less time to read.  As Silas Marne says, ‘The world has accelerated; people, no longer have the time to read pages and pages of literary eloquence.’

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By Josephine Lay

Josephine Lay is a writer, novelist and poet. Josephine writes poetry for the page and for performance. This collection highlights her passion for both the written and the spoken word.

Unravelling is a collection of poems written within one year. Josephine Lay writes about the unravelling nature of things in her life; divorce, bereavement, health issues (after hitting her head and getting concussion, twice) and a few poems touching on the political situation in this country during 2018. Her poems speak of the human condition; of life, love, loss and even death. Here is sadness and descent but also the struggle towards the light and the survival of the human spirit.

‘Unravelling by Josephine Lay is a worthy addition to any one’s poetry collection.  Her arrival on the performance poetry scene has been most welcome, and her words work equally well on the page.  Highly recommended.’

  ~ Clive Oseman

 ‘The first time I heard Josephine Lay’s poetry it made me cry.  Rich in feeling, yet easy to relate to.  Lay’s work is pleasure to hear and read’

  ~ Charley Barnes

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Still Tilting at Windmills


By Peter Lay

A collection of poems, written in 2017/2018... . . . .

The Japanese poems are truly beautiful pieces, powerful, moving, and wonderfully written. I'm sat here drinking coffee and I'm lost for words....

~ Scott Cowley aka Rusty Goàt... . . . . .

Peter Lay’s words ‘…are spinning through my mind’. Sometimes beautiful… Sometimes weird… Always kind. An altered perspective… A modern-day Don Quixote...

~ Silas Marne... . . . . .

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Another Friday


By Peter Lay & Zaiming Wang

‘Another Friday’ should not be seen as a sequel to ‘Yellow Over The Mountain’, more of a poetry supplement. Most of the poems were written collaboratively via exchange of email and text messages between the authors.

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By Z D Dicks

“A startling and knife-sharp collection of poems by a poet who challenges our preconceptions of ‘page’ poetry. Fusing an adept handling of form with experimental inventiveness, a complex, rich vocabulary and potent, sometimes unsettling subject matter, this is a Red Bull of a read, stimulating and provocative. ”

— Anna Saunders

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